About Us

Connecting People and Ideas

Malaysiana LCMS aims to serve society and the world through 360° education, i.e. education in the broadest sense of the word. In particular, we believe that education is essentially all about connecting people and ideas.

Raising a Hand

Our Story

Malaysiana LCMS Sdn Bhd is an education consultancy, and an associate company of University Book Store Malaysia Sdn Bhd (UBSM), the well-known textbook company that has been supplying and selling books to Malaysian schools and students for more than 60 years.

Malaysiana LCMS was originally set up as an education consultancy in 2008 to provide education technology services to the ministry of education, and it has since evolved into the 360° education consulting arm of UBSM.

Hence, Malaysiana LCMS now offers diverse products and services ranging from edutech solutions, training programmes, publications and other customised solutions that are suitable for K-12 schools, tertiary institutions, community organisations, corporations, and even governments.

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